fuckyeah-martinharnik asked, "Ok. Now my question in my bad english: Do you know whether the worldchampions from the BVB play by the game Kickers vs. BVB?"

Firstly don`t worry honey I think your English`s fine :):) about your question,sorry I don`t know honey :):)

beatrice-prior-eaton asked, "For the anon, the link to Erik speaking English is on YouTube, if you search up "Jogi’s Surprise Provisional World Cup Picks" he comes in about 12 seconds in :)"

Thank you so much honey! ;))

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Durm und großkreutz werden ab dem 29.juli zurück bei der Mannschaft erwartet.  

Anonymous asked, "Do you have the link of the video when he says Erik durm 37 blabla bla?"

Unfortunately no honey, I haven`t :):)

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Anonymous asked, "Does Erik played in the World Cup?"

He was in the world cup but he didn`t play any macth honey :):)

shakshaki asked, "btw do u know if when Erik will turn trainings?"

I`m not sure honey but I think in first week of August maybe a bit later,I don`t know it exactly :):)

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shakshaki asked, "yes yes omg i really find annoying too when players date with models! I am really amazed when see some players with ordinary girls lol"

Oh really,I`m happy to not only me think like that :D Yess absolutely honey,I always love like that players who love ordinary and normal girls I think its so nice they don`t think just appearance and beauty :):)

Anonymous asked, "You know what music Erik likes? Love your blog you are always so nice its lovely!:) xx"

Hey honeyy!:):) Firstly thank you soo soo much for your lovely kind words  I`m soo glad you love it, thank you very much again! :):) You know there is a few info about his privat life so I don`t know exactly what he likes but at once he said in his interview that his last concert`s a Tyga concert so I think he loves R&B,rap music honey :):)

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Anonymous asked, "Why do you think that football players always date models??? It's so saaaaad"

Yeahh some players choise model girlfriend for they`re sexy,beautiful…  I also think its sooo sad and annoying :/ but some players girlfriend are really really normal and ordinary person, its a changing event honey :):)

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Anonymous asked, "Some people say that Erik doesn't has twitter, but in his twitter he says is official account! Soooo??? And I was very excited because he" said he was learning English for us (fans) because he doesn't speak right? I mean now I'm confused 😁😔😭"

I also know like that he hasn`t any social page yet honey :) There is some page about him but I think some fan use them because dfb and bvb don`t follow them but they always follow their players on instagram,twitter so I don`t think they`re official page honey :):)

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Anonymous asked, "You posted some pictures of Erik with 2 boys who r they? ❤️💞 thanks sweetie"

If you mean this post honey, they`re Miroslav Kloses twins :):) You`re welcome honey♥ :):)